Injection & Bridge Jointing

Madras & Kilmore Bridges, Christchurch As part of the ongoing SCIRT effort in conjunction with Fletcher Construction, Christchurch’s transportation infrastructure is being repaired. Along with many other bridges in Christchurch,Concrete Solutions® similarly to Kilmore Bridge have worked to repair structural damages to the Madras Bridge as well as replacement of worn bridge joints. The Nafutekt Read More


Injection & FRP

Port Hills Bridge, Christchurch SCIRT has been repairing the bridge piers for the Port Hills road overpass in Christchurch. Concrete Solutions® was tasked by Fletcher Construction with the structural confinement of the supporting piers. Structural repairs to the bridge piers was required before the FRP system could be applied, this was achieved using an Epoxy Read More


Railway Bridge Concrete Repair, Injection & FRP

Bridge 27 Midland Pier No 8, Christchurch The Midland Line is a 212km long section of railway which connects Rolleston and Greymouth in the South Island. Bridge 27 runs along this line and is part of a series of bridges in this area constructed to allow the railway though the rough terrain. This bridge required Read More


Road Joints

Bridges in Blenheim SH1 Bridge joint replacement was undertaken by Concrete Solutions® on two bridges in Blenheim. MC-Bauchemie’s Nafutekt Bridge Jointing system was used to replace the existing failing joints however can also be installed during new construction. The system has been used successfully on bridges in Wellington and has the ability to withstand dynamic Read More


Tyfo® FRP Live Load Strengthening

Aparima Bridge, Riverton Invercargill Concrete Solutions® was employed by Downer Ltd to provide additional flexural and shear capacity at the beam to pier connection details; required before installation of new bridge linkage connections. The design utilised Tyfo® SCH 41 (CFRP) and Tyfo® SCH Anchors allowing the 350Kg linkages enough space to be set back in Read More