Explore FRP Systems and Efficient Installation Solutions in Auckland for Concrete Reinforcement

Reinforcement for concrete is not new technology, but solutions continue to improve and develop to provide better ways of accomplishing that goal. Concerns about unsupported masonry or an older concrete structure can develop over time, especially …read more.

Concrete Crack Injection and Repair in Auckland

Nearly every building in New Zealand has at least some concrete. As concrete ages, it can crack and create structural support problems. Concrete Solutions® has decades of experience fixing and rehabilitating all types of concrete breakdown. Since 1994 …read more.

Maintain Your Building with Commercial Concrete Repair and Crack Injection in Christchurch

At Concrete Solutions®, we specialise in concrete repair in Christchurch and have done so for 23 years. But how important is concrete crack repair to keeping your company’s buildings and carparks intact? After all, isn’t concrete an incredibly …read more.

For Efficient Concrete Repair in Wellington Through Crack Injection, Choose Concrete Solutions®

Concrete has been a critical building material since ancient times. Over the millennia, though concrete recipes and building techniques have changed, the same enemies remain. Moisture, minerals, and other threats can cause damage to concrete …read more.

Repair Cracks in Your Home’s Foundation with Concrete Crack Repair and Injection from Concrete Solutions®

Fewer things instil a homeowner with more dread than noticing a crack in their home’s foundation. A foundational crack, if allowed to grow over time, can entirely undermine the structural integrity of a home. This structural failure, in turn, can …read more.

Concrete Waterproofing, Spalling Repair, and Tank Repairs in Auckland

Concrete, while a basic of human construction since the days of the Romans, has its flaws. Nature’s strongest, most determined force – water – can do an incredible amount of damage over time, causing cracking, spalling, and efflorescence. Cracking …read more.

From Concrete Waterproofing to Spalling Repair to Tank Repair, Concrete Solutions® Provides the Services You Need in Christchurch, Auckland, and Wellington

Whether you are looking for concrete waterproofing in Christchurch or concrete tank repairs in Auckland, you can count on Concrete Solutions® to provide the services you need. Since opening our doors in 1994, we have gained the respect of asset …read more.

Choose Professional Experience for Concrete Tank Repairs, Waterproofing, and Options for Spalling Repair in Wellington

The versatility of concrete is why it appears in so many places; it is easy to use, simple to reinforce before pouring, and generally offers good strength in many of the applications for which it’s used. However, irregularities can and do occur …read more.

From Concrete Waterproofing to Concrete Spalling and Tank Repairs, Concrete Solutions® Can Help

Is the concrete in your basement starting to peel or flake? Are you dealing with a concrete septic tank that is starting to fail and leak? Alternatively, are you looking for a way to protect a concrete works project against future water ingress …read more.

Concrete Solutions® Delivers Robust Tailored FRP Systems and Complete Installation Support to the Wellington Area

If there were “one size fits all” solutions to every problem scenario in industry, every project could proceed smoothly, and maintenance would seldom be a major concern. In reality, there are never two projects which are exactly alike. …read more.