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Manhole Rehabilitation

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Established in 1994, Concrete Solution has become a respected company in fields that demand highly specialised skills and innovation. We provide expert diagnosis and product specification through to completion…


Concrete Solutions® can assist from the initial damage analysis through to individual planning right down to the execution of the repair. Decades of experience have made Ombran the leading supplier in the area of sewer and manhole repair all over Europe and now it is available in New Zealand.


The number of manhole and sewer structures in need of repair is steadily increasing. Leaks in the wastewater system cause infiltration which puts excessive strain on our wastewater treatment plants, reducing their treatment performance significantly. Due to exfiltration toxic substances permeate into the surrounding soil, which frequently causes heavy contamination and the groundwater which in itself may also not be safe.

Solutions for

  • Leak stop and prevention
  • Cracked components
  • Integration of CIPP liners to the manhole
  • Sulphates resistance
  • Full C3A free concrete repair systems
  • Long-term protection from BSAC attack
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Resistant to impact and scratches
  • Vapour diffusion preventing osmosis
  • Hand or spraying application
  • Fully automated application if required
  • Fast turn around manhole lid levelling
  • Fast turn around manhole lid rehabilitation

Why Ombran?

Ombran is a special area of MC-Bauchemie. Here specialists develop high-quality system solutions for manhole and sewer repairs.

Ombran System Solution

Attacks from biogenic sulphuric acid corrosion (BSAC) and dynamic stress are responsible for heavy damages to manhole and sewer structures in addition to the aggressive wastewater itself. The reliable repair of such defects pose high demands on engineers, applicators and the product systems used. Only a specifically tailored repair system will ensure the success of the repair and guarantee a lasting protection of the structures.

Organise a technician to diagnose your problem and devise a concrete solution