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Flooring Systems

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Concrete Solutions® is an approved application company of specialised flooring systems designed to meet clients requirements whether this be for mechanical resistance, anti-skid, abrasive, anti-static, foodstuffs, exterior car parks or ramp surfaces. We have floor grinding equipment to meet most grinding requirements.


  • Exterior car parks
  • Floor levelling
  • Flooring repairs
  • Freezer warehouse patching
  • Industrial patching
  • New flooring
  • Under floor pinning
  • Warehouse patching
  • Floor Grinding

Levelling Screeds


Concrete Solutions® can provide assistance with the initial assessment, preparation and levelling of damaged or sloping floors. We have the ability to install conventional floor levellers or more advanced time-saving systems from MC-Bauchemie.

Emcefloor PCC / PCC Pro

When it comes to levelling surface roughness Emcefloor PCC and PCC Pro surpass all standard polymer resin mortars in terms of cost-effectiveness and speed of application. In addition to levelling out differences in height, the other highly significant advantage is the reliable and lasting compensation of substrate moisture preventing any risk of osmosis. It therefore becomes possible to install a coating that is insulated against hydrostatic pressure.

Injection guide and associated products

Car Parks
Freezer Repair
Rapid Patch Repair
MC-DUR 1200 (range)
MC-DUR 1800 (range)
MC-DUR 1212 UVB (range)
MC-DUR 3500 (Repair Systems)

*other systems available for project requirements




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