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Bridge Jointing

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Sustained safety & durable flexibility

Nafutekt Plus is applied in layers using a “hot-on-hot” technique. A special graded aggregate is heated and placed in conjunction with a hot poured polymer modified bitumen. The resultant joint is durable, flexible and can withstand high dynamic loads while protecting the substrate against the ingress of water and contaminants.

The effects on the structure of seasonal and diurnal temperature changes are fully accommodated.

Long term flexibility

The design of joints in bridge decks has a critical effect on the performance and the service life of the bridge itself. This is especially true of decks with a short span or multi-sectioned bridges.

The design of the joints on short span or segmented bridges is a detail that has an enormous influence on the service life of the structure. A badly designed and/or poorly executed joint will lead to leaks and the penetration of de-icing salts or other contaminants as the bridge is subjected to dimensional changes. Combined with the dynamic loads imposed by traffic the damaging effects accumulate. Progressive deterioration of the road surface of the load bearing concrete elements will, if allowed to continue unchecked, eventually necessitate extensive and expensive repairs.

Instills design confidence

Nafutekt Plus is a tested and approved road surface joint system using polymer modified materials according to ZTV-Ing. Part 8 Section 2. Also approved for use by the NZTA for Contracts C658N & C677N.

Nafutekt Plus forms durable, waterproof, elastic traffic joints on bridges and load bearing structures. Nafutekt Plus is a more economic alternative to conventional hot poured deck joints that need frequent re-sealing.

Besides lasting protection for the structure Nafutekt joints give a smoother ride for motorists and cyclists. There is also a significant reduction in noise emission compared to conventional joints.

Areas of application

  • For all new and existing expansion and deck end joints
  • For sealing of hinged joint sections
  • Traffic joint sealing of segmental bridges


  • Cost-saving application with basic equipment
  • Fast application means short closures
  • Durable system means reduced expenditure for local and national highway authorities
  • Guaranteed MC system solution: Nafutekt Plus – tried and tested since 1989

Concrete Solutions® is New Zealand’s nationwide specialist applicator/installer of MC-Bauchemie’s Nafutekt Plus bridge jointing system.

Concrete Solutions® together with Nafutekt manufactured by MC-Bauchemie in Germany, provide an economic and effective road joint system that has a long- standing and proven track record in both new construction and the repair of damaged joints not just in New Zealand but throughout the World.

The Nafutekt Plus system forms a durable bond between the surfacing material and the structure, and accommodates changes in length caused by dynamic loads and temperature fluctuations .

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