Tunnel Injection and Concrete Repair


Waterview Connection, Auckland

The Waterview Connection is an important infrastructure development designed to ease congestion in Auckland. The tunnel measures 2.4km in length and the two side by side tunnels are 13.1m wide each. A challenge encountered in tunnel construction is the ingress of water from the surrounding soil, to combat this, the precast concrete ring segments installed around the tunnel need to be sealed. Building Chemical Supplies was contacted because the specified method of sealing used MC-Bauchemie’s specialised polyurethane and Hydro Gel Injection Systems. The “Well Connected Alliance” consisting of the Transport Agency, Fletcher Construction, McConnell Dowell, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Beca, Tonkin & Taylor, Obayashi, Wilson Tunnelling, and SICE have used MC-Bauchemie injection systems in other tunnel constructions around the world.

Concrete Solutions® is an authorised applicator of MC-Bauchemie products in New Zealand. Although initially being asked to train personnel of the “Well Connected Alliance”, Concrete Solutions®themselves because of knowledge and experience were asked to continue with all subsequent works on this significant injection project. After extensive site trials over other products on the market, MC-Injection products were selected because of their reliability and experience in tunnelling projects worldwide.