6.2m Eketahuna Earthquake

Masterton Courthouse Building The 2013 Concrete Solutions® News reported on a significant Tyfo® FRP seismic upgrade installation to the historic Masterton Court House Building. Where exterior double cavity brick walls and interior double brick leaf walls, were given in-plane shear capacity using both Tyfo® SEH-51A wet lay fabric and Tyfo® SEH Anchors. We are very Read More


Tyfo® FRP Seismic Strengthening of Historic URM Building

Court Building, Masterton The seismic retrofit of this URM brick building has recently been completed by using Tyfo® SEH-51 glass fabric and Tyfo® SEH glass anchors to interior and perimeter wall areas. The installation extended from the brick foundation to connect with both the ground floor and ceiling diaphragms. Client: Ministry of Justice Products: Tyfo® SEH-51