FRP Internal Shear Walls

Hinau Street, Eastbourne, Wellington Concrete Solutions® has recently completed the installation of Tyfo® SEH-51A to an old brickwork property in Eastbourne, Wellington. Tyfo® was used to structurally strengthen the building while providing ductility and increased shear capacity to the internal brickwork walls. The glass fibre fabric is best suited to Unreinforced Masonry structures as it Read More


Low Pressure Epoxy Concrete Crack Injection

Langstone Lane, Christchurch Earlier this year, Concrete Solutions®carried out low pressure epoxy injection using MC-Injekt 1264TF to 3 Langstone Lane, Christchurch. The structure had extensive cracking throughout the floor slab, which extended through the loading area and into the show room of the operating business. Concrete Solutions®chose to use MC-Injekt 1264TF epoxy resin as it Read More


Low Pressure Epoxy Concrete Crack Injection

Holt Place, Burnside, Christchurch Concrete Solutions® were contracted to carry out epoxy injection to cracking on the concrete tilt panels using MC Injekt 1264 Compact and low pressure injection to the floor slab using MC Injekt 1264 TF at 11 Holt place, Christchurch. As both products are REACh approved they are therefore safe to be Read More


Structural Epoxy Low Pressure Injection

EQR – Residential, Christchurch The unique properties of MC-Injekt 1264 compact and MC-Injekt 1264 TF allow Concrete Solutions® to carry out efficiently low pressure injection to cracks with depths in excess of 200mm and widths of only 0.1mm. These products are also REACh approved and are therefore safe to be inhaled by humans in an Read More


Flexible Polyurethane Concrete Crack Injection for Basement Leak Prevention

Ballantynes City Store, Christchurch Two years on and after considerable wet weather conditions the Ballantynes Christchurch City Store basement remains dry. After the September 2010 earthquakes the basement slabs of the structure cracked allowing ground water into the basement areas. Concrete Solutions® injected the water bearing cracks, to provide a permanent flexible seal the product Read More


Concrete Repair and Seismic Strengthening

Kerr Street, Devonport, Auckland The house at Kerr Street is an unreinforced concrete structure built in the late 1800’s, and as such has a Category 1 heritage building status. Works to the property include concrete repairs to damaged window lintels, surrounds and isolated patch repairs using Nafufill KM250 and MasterPlas MW. The parapet around the Read More


Hydro Structure Gel Injection for Interior Water Prevention

EQR – Residential, Christchurch Concrete Solutions® undertook basement waterproofing repairs; together with MC-Bauchemie’s specialised injection technology for sealing leaks from the interior side of a structure, are perfectly placed with their experience to restore the water tightness of leaking below ground structures. The processes utilise MC-Bauchemie’s Hydrogels for repairing existing damaged tanking membranes or forming Read More


Concrete Repair and Epoxy Concrete Crack Injection

EQR – Residential, Christchurch Christchurch has a variety of masonry and concrete dwellings. Such as this lightweight concrete house built in the 1930‘s where Concrete Solutions®carried out both structural epoxy injection and concrete repair to restore a residence after earthquake damage. Client: EQR/Fletcher Products: MC-Injekt 1264 compact Zentrifix KMH Nafufill KM 250