Residential Basement Waterstop Injection

Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch Cracking in concrete can allow water ingress in basement retaining walls. In Christchurch, Concrete Solutions® have been involved in many projects where excavation is not an economically viable option. Using specialised Injection systems from MC-Bauchemie, specialised Concrete Solutions® applicators inject a polyurethane resin MC-Injekt 2300NV and a MC-Injekt GL-95 hydro-gel through the Read More


Railway Bridge Concrete Repair, Injection & FRP

Bridge 27 Midland Pier No 8, Christchurch The Midland Line is a 212km long section of railway which connects Rolleston and Greymouth in the South Island. Bridge 27 runs along this line and is part of a series of bridges in this area constructed to allow the railway though the rough terrain. This bridge required Read More


Injection to Repair Degraded Columns

Peren Building Massey University, Palmerston North As part of the Peren Building strengthening works the existing columns and some beams were found to have badly honey-combed concrete from the original construction. MC-Injekt 1264 compact was used to systematically inject in a grid pattern; these structural membranes provide structural integrity Product: MC-Injekt 1264 compact


Concrete Polyurethane Crack Injection and Concrete Repair

Water ingress prevention and durability enhancement to the KiwiRail Otira Substation The Otira Substation is nestled within the Arthurs Pass. This remote and isolated location endures extremes of weather conditions and temperatures. To withstand its environment in the early 1900’s a heavily reinforced concrete structure was built with little design for movement. Unfortunately over the Read More


Low Pressure Epoxy Concrete Crack Injection

Langstone Lane, Christchurch Earlier this year, Concrete Solutions®carried out low pressure epoxy injection using MC-Injekt 1264TF to 3 Langstone Lane, Christchurch. The structure had extensive cracking throughout the floor slab, which extended through the loading area and into the show room of the operating business. Concrete Solutions®chose to use MC-Injekt 1264TF epoxy resin as it Read More


Epoxy Concrete Crack Injection

Barnes Road, Redwood, Christchurch Concrete Solutions® are currently undertaking structural epoxy crack injection using MC- Injekt 1264 Compact, to Barnes Road, Christchurch. The structure is of tilt slab construction, with panel heights in excess of 12 metres and an estimated cracking total of over 800 lineal metres for repair. MC-Injekt 1264 Compact is being used Read More


Low Pressure Epoxy Concrete Crack Injection

Holt Place, Burnside, Christchurch Concrete Solutions® were contracted to carry out epoxy injection to cracking on the concrete tilt panels using MC Injekt 1264 Compact and low pressure injection to the floor slab using MC Injekt 1264 TF at 11 Holt place, Christchurch. As both products are REACh approved they are therefore safe to be Read More


Structural Concrete Repair for Historic Buildings

Civic Theatre, Auckland The Civic Theatre in Auckland was first opened in 1929, it was reopened in 2000 after a major renovation and conservation effort. As part of the renovation and after 24 months of trial work, Concrete Solutions® injected the porous brick foundations with Centricrete FB to fill voids between the URM. The Centricrete Read More