Historic FRP & Helix Bar Restoration

Old Library, Fairlie Concrete Solutions specialises in working with Historic and URM Buildings, strengthening the structures without sacrificing the historic integrity a building might have. The Old Library in Fairlie near Geraldine in Canterbury, is an old unreinforced masonry building. Damage has been sustained over prolonged periods of use and the continual seismic events in Read More


6.2m Eketahuna Earthquake

Masterton Courthouse Building The 2013 Concrete Solutions® News reported on a significant Tyfo® FRP seismic upgrade installation to the historic Masterton Court House Building. Where exterior double cavity brick walls and interior double brick leaf walls, were given in-plane shear capacity using both Tyfo® SEH-51A wet lay fabric and Tyfo® SEH Anchors. We are very Read More


Hydro-Gel Injection for Leaking Polystyrene Block Retaining Walls

EQR – Residential, Christchurch Leaking polystyrene block walls pose a problem for their repair, especially if they cannot be easy excavated or if excavation could cause further damage to the structure. In this case the existing membrane has become damaged during the Canterbury earthquakes. Concrete Solutions® approach to provide a successfully conclusion is to inject Read More


Structural Epoxy Concrete Crack Injection on Wet Structures

Clarence St Train Depot, Christchurch The Clarence St Kiwirail Depot suffered damage during the Canterbury earthquakes. Part of Concrete Solutions® scope of work was to carry out an inspections and concrete repair to the concrete tilt panel weld plates. Another area of repair was the injection required to provide a structural bond to the cracked Read More


Concrete Repair and Epoxy Concrete Crack Injection

EQR – Residential, Christchurch Christchurch has a variety of masonry and concrete dwellings. Such as this lightweight concrete house built in the 1930‘s where Concrete Solutions®carried out both structural epoxy injection and concrete repair to restore a residence after earthquake damage. Client: EQR/Fletcher Products: MC-Injekt 1264 compact Zentrifix KMH Nafufill KM 250


Hydro-Gel Injection to Waterproof Existing House Retaining Wall

EQR – Christchurch Another example of MC-Injekt GL-95 acrylic injection gel being used in conjunction with MC-Oxal HS DS to waterproof the retaining walls of an interior dwelling damaged during the Canterbury earthquakes. MC-Injekt GL-95 has German drinking water certification and is approved by REACh. Therefore is not harmful and safe to be used in Read More