Residential Basement Waterstop Injection

Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch Cracking in concrete can allow water ingress in basement retaining walls. In Christchurch, Concrete Solutions® have been involved in many projects where excavation is not an economically viable option. Using specialised Injection systems from MC-Bauchemie, specialised Concrete Solutions® applicators inject a polyurethane resin MC-Injekt 2300NV and a MC-Injekt GL-95 hydro-gel through the Read More


Carpark FRP Strengthening

James Cook Hotel Carpark, Wellington Contracted by Hawkins Construction for the structural upgrade of the James Cook Hotel carpark in Wellington, Concrete Solutions® was sub-contracted to fulfil the FRP installation. Tyfo® SCH-41-2X was used due to the high tensile modulus and strength required by the engineer, it is twice as thick as standard Tyfo® SCH-41 Read More


FRP & Post-Tensioning

Siemens House, Courtenay Place, Wellington Concrete Solutions® was employed by Naylor Love Construction for the seismic strengthening of Siemens House on Courtney Place in Wellington. The seven storey office building required seismic strengthening to meet the NBS and mitigate risk of structural failure during a seismic event. To achieve the works, the Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Tyfo® Read More


FRP & Concrete Repair

Hope Gibbons Building, Wellington Concrete Solutions® have carried out extensive concrete repair and FRP strengthening to the Hope Gibbons Building which was constructed in 1925 and has recently been brought up to 80% NBS. As part of the strengthening program, stairwells and shear walls were strengthened with Tyfo® SCH-41. Concrete repairs were carried out with Read More


Injection to Repair Degraded Columns

Peren Building Massey University, Palmerston North As part of the Peren Building strengthening works the existing columns and some beams were found to have badly honey-combed concrete from the original construction. MC-Injekt 1264 compact was used to systematically inject in a grid pattern; these structural membranes provide structural integrity Product: MC-Injekt 1264 compact


FRP Earthquake Strengthening

BATS Theatre Wellington The historic BATS Theatre building on Kent Terrace has been the home to theatre for over 80 years. In 2013 renovations began to improve the ageing structure, Concrete Solutions have provided earthquake strengthening to the 1930s building using Tyfo® SCH-41 for the structural confinement of the internal columns. On November 2014 following Read More


Tyfo® FRP Seismic to Floor Diaphragm Strengthening

Saint Patricks College, Wellington In May 2013, Concrete Solutions®completed a floor strengthening. Strengthening of the floor diaphragm was required due to a slab thickness of 50mm and lack of steel tying into a supporting beam. Steel “K” frames were installed on the underside at each end of the floor slab with Tyfo® SEH-51A applied on Read More


Structural Concrete Repair for Historic Buildings

Civic Theatre, Auckland The Civic Theatre in Auckland was first opened in 1929, it was reopened in 2000 after a major renovation and conservation effort. As part of the renovation and after 24 months of trial work, Concrete Solutions® injected the porous brick foundations with Centricrete FB to fill voids between the URM. The Centricrete Read More


Tyfo® FRP Structural Strengthening Upgrade to Columns

Shamrock House, Wellington Concrete Solutions® has recently completed structural upgrade work to Shamrock House in Wellington that included the installation of non-ductile columns and column hinge joints to the majority of the building. This FRP design utilised Tyfo® SCH 41 carbon fabric to columns and beams, as well as Tyfo® SCH carbon Anchors that transferred Read More