Residential Basement Waterstop Injection


Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch

Cracking in concrete can allow water ingress in basement retaining walls. In Christchurch, Concrete Solutions® have been involved in many projects where excavation is not an economically viable option. Using specialised Injection systems from MC-Bauchemie, specialised Concrete Solutions® applicators inject a polyurethane resin MC-Injekt 2300NV and a MC-Injekt GL-95 hydro-gel through the basement wall to provide a water sealing injection behind the existing substrate. MC-Injekt 2300 NV and MC-Injekt GL-95 were used in this project for crack injection to ensure the durability of the building. To prevent efflorescence caused by rising damp, repair mortar Oxal DS-HS was applied which is designed to resist hydrostatic pressure.