Railway Bridge Concrete Repair, Injection & FRP


Bridge 27 Midland Pier No 8, Christchurch

The Midland Line is a 212km long section of railway which connects Rolleston and Greymouth in the South Island. Bridge 27 runs along this line and is part of a series of bridges in this area constructed to allow the railway though the rough terrain. This bridge required further repairs than Bridge 26 as cracks in the concrete had formed over the lifetime of this bridge due to the heavy loads. Concrete crack injection was required to fix internal structural cracks as well as concrete repair for exterior erosion and degradation. Concrete Solutions® has completed strengthening using the Tyfo® Fibrwrap® System. Two layers of Tyfo®SCH-41 was installed to one of the piers as well as Tyfo® A, a durable acrylic protective coating for weather protection and aesthetic considerations.

Client: KiwiRail