Low Pressure Epoxy Concrete Crack Injection


Langstone Lane, Christchurch

Earlier this year, Concrete Solutions®carried out low pressure epoxy injection using MC-Injekt 1264TF to 3 Langstone Lane, Christchurch. The structure had extensive cracking throughout the floor slab, which extended through the loading area and into the show room of the operating business. Concrete Solutions®chose to use MC-Injekt 1264TF epoxy resin as it has low viscosity allowing penetration of the finest cracks down to 0.1mm. High compressive and tensile strengths provide a structural repair, while also hardening under dynamic load, meaning the business could carry on with little disruption and without comprising our repairs.

MC-Injekt 1264TF is REACh assessed, as with all the products in the MC-Injekt range, and is our preferred choose of product for occupied spaces such as these.

Client: John Donaldson