FRP & Post-Tensioning


Siemens House, Courtenay Place, Wellington

Concrete Solutions® was employed by Naylor Love Construction for the seismic strengthening of Siemens House on Courtney Place in Wellington. The seven storey office building required seismic strengthening to meet the NBS and mitigate risk of structural failure during a seismic event.

To achieve the works, the Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Tyfo® SEH-51A was applied to the columns for confinement and to the concrete flooring and beams for load capacity. SEH Anchors were used for multiple levels of the building for even force transfer through the concrete flooring. Post Tensioning was also installed using 26.5mm, 32mm and 40mm Freyssibar steel bars, Freyssinet have thoroughly tested the Freyssibar system and it has been used all over the world offering performance and durability.

Client: Naylor Love Construction Ltd