FRP Internal Shear Walls


Hinau Street, Eastbourne, Wellington

Concrete Solutions® has recently completed the installation of Tyfo® SEH-51A to an old brickwork property in Eastbourne, Wellington. Tyfo® was used to structurally strengthen the building while providing ductility and increased shear capacity to the internal brickwork walls. The glass fibre fabric is best suited to Unreinforced Masonry structures as it provides shear capacity and ductility during a seismic event. Tyfo® has been used extensively with old brickwork structures, with success in New Zealand and overseas.

FRP allows for seismic strengthening and structural upgrades without compromising the aesthetic or functionality of the existing structure. All Tyfo® wet lay products have CodeMark certification which is proof of compliance to the NZBC including durability.

Product: Tyfo® SEH-51A