Epoxy Injection, FRP Strengthening and Concrete Repairs


B Shed, Cass Street, Christchurch

Concrete Solutions® are currently working on strengthening works to the B shed located at Cass Street, Christchurch. This project has three different work types. They require multi skilled applicators that are able to carry out a number of different repairs methods over the course of the project. For the epoxy injection work we chose to use MC Injekt 1264 Compact, as this is will provide a structural bond, and can be used for crack sizes as small as 0.2mm in width. All concrete repairs are being carried out by box and pour method, using Emcekrete SCC, with locations being internal/external wall and beam repairs, and internal column repairs. Upon completion of the column repairs, further FRP Strengthening of the columns will be carried out using Tyfo® SEH-51A. This will provide a confinement wrap, while also allowing ductility for the column to move during seismic activity.

Client: Kiwirail