Choose Professional Experience for Concrete Tank Repairs, Waterproofing, and Options for Spalling Repair in Wellington

The versatility of concrete is why it appears in so many places; it is easy to use, simple to reinforce before pouring, and generally offers good strength in many of the applications for which it’s used. However, irregularities can and do occur within many concrete structures. The infiltration of moisture can cause problems like spalling, which not only weakens the structure but is also unsightly. Concrete tanks, like those used for storing rainwater, also commonly experience cracking and failures, especially over time or due to unexpected problems. Whether you need concrete spalling repair in a Wellington car park or fixes for a concrete tank, there is one trusted name to turn to: Concrete Solutions®.

Operating with distinction since 1994, Concrete Solutions have accumulated experience that spans a broad range of areas, including many methods for repair and concrete waterproofing. Wellington businesses tired of dealing with recurrent problems due to concrete damage can enlist our services to both initiate repairs and to provide additional durability for the future. Waterproofing solutions are essential for this purpose. With products by MC-Bauchemie for crack injection repairs and a team of trained and certified professionals, we create results. Even old brick and stone buildings are not immune from our restorative abilities.

The importance of concrete waterproofing in Wellington

When water seeps into concrete and stays there, many things can occur. Spalling is among the most common reactions to see: water causes swelling within the concrete and forces flakes and larger chunks of the surface to fall. Spalling repair is of particular importance when it occurs on a tank, otherwise, it may lead to the eventual failure of the vessel. For concrete reinforced by steel rebars, moisture can also cause corrosion which weakens the concrete and may trigger further problems that will become apparent over time.

Concrete Solutions can diagnose the issues at hand and suggest the appropriate way to proceed with conducting repairs. Afterwards, consider an application of a coating of waterproofing chemicals to prevent the problem from occurring again in the future. Internal waterproofing through the injection of hydrogels may be a potential option. For other options focusing on concrete tank repairs instead, we suggest a conversation with our team. We will give your unique circumstances the consideration they deserve.

Navigate challenges with Concrete Solutions®

We take pride in the efforts we’ve made to certify our abilities and develop far-reaching experience. Though no two projects are ever the same, we have the skills necessary to adapt to any circumstances that arise. When you need confidence in concrete tank repairs in Wellington, trust Concrete Solutions® to provide excellent workmanship every time. Strengthen your concrete works to provide durability now and long into the future through the benefits of technology and experience. Take the first steps to enlist the professional repairs you need on-site by contacting our team. Reach us on 0800 275 669 or send an email to today.