From Concrete Waterproofing to Spalling Repair to Tank Repair, Concrete Solutions® Provides the Services You Need in Christchurch, Auckland, and Wellington

Whether you are looking for concrete waterproofing in Christchurch or concrete tank repairs in Auckland, you can count on Concrete Solutions® to provide the services you need. Since opening our doors in 1994, we have gained the respect of asset owners, engineering consultants and specifiers—both nationally and internally—to provide innovative solutions to otherwise challenging problems. If the problem involves concrete, there’s an excellent chance that we have the answer.

Get Concrete Services throughout New Zealand When You Call Concrete Solutions®

One of the factors that has allowed Concrete Solutions® to gain such a firm industry footing over the past 23 years is our nationwide profile. While you can call us for concrete spalling repair in Christchurch, we are not a local company.

On the contrary, we have three nationwide branches—in Christchurch, Auckland, and Wellington, respectively—and serve the whole of New Zealand from these locations. We are also willing to take on concrete work in any sector—be it residential, commercial, industrial, or civil—which has helped our reputation to grow at an even more accelerated pace.

Concrete Solutions® also has ties that go beyond the shores of New Zealand. We have an office in Sydney that is bringing our high-quality concrete repair and maintenance services to Australia. Our certification as a professional concrete company, meanwhile, comes from Europe. We have been trained and certified by BZB Germany as an IRP Master Applicator Qualified Company.

IRP is a German Government Syllabus issued by the BZB Institute in Germany. It is the only independent training course in the world that offers certifications in concrete injection, concrete repair and other concrete protection works. Since 2002, Concrete Solutions® has been sending employees to this exceptional professional development course. Because of our IRP certification, you can always expect the highest level of service from our team—whether you hire us for concrete tank repairs in Christchurch or concrete spalling repair in Wellington.

Hire Concrete Solutions® for Your Concrete Tank Repair, Spalling Repair, or Waterproofing in Christchurch

All these individual threads—the IRP certification from BZB Germany, the national presence, the glowing reputation among many project owners and engineering consultants and the two-plus decades of professional experience—weave together to make Concrete Solutions® a company you can trust with any concrete matter.

Replacing concrete can be expensive, whether you are trading out an old tank for a new one or tearing out concrete that has started to flake and peel due to spalling. As Concrete Solutions®, we will always strive to find fixes that don’t require the full replacement of your existing concrete works. We know enough about concrete to identify innovative solutions to unique problems, and always approach jobs with an eye for detail and a readiness to develop custom solutions. These qualities make us a natural ally for your next concrete repair project—whether you need concrete waterproofing in Christchurch, concrete spalling repair in Auckland or concrete tank repairs in Wellington.

Are you interested in learning more about Concrete Solutions® and some of the work we’ve done throughout New Zealand? Reach out by ringing us on 0800 275 669.