Concrete Waterproofing, Spalling Repair, and Tank Repairs in Auckland

Concrete, while a basic of human construction since the days of the Romans, has its flaws. Nature’s strongest, most determined force – water – can do an incredible amount of damage over time, causing cracking, spalling, and efflorescence. Cracking can be a result of occurrences such as earth movement, increased soil pressure on the exterior, or water infiltration that weakens the wall. Spalling comes from water infiltration that has either corroded the embedded steel or simply moved through the concrete to the interior surface (you can often find this in basements). Efflorescence, the movement of salt to the surface of a porous material, is also commonly found in basements along with spalling. These unsightly effects can eventually cause structural integrity and mould problems, so proper repair and remediation is critical to the durability of the structure and the comfort of its occupants. That is why homeowners, building owners, and others turn to Concrete Solutions® for concrete spalling repair in Auckland.

Concrete Solutions® is an IRP Master Qualified Application Company that focuses solely on concrete repair and strengthening. JRP is a qualification given by an independent government training company in Germany. Our IRP (concrete Injection, Repair, and Protection) certification by the BZB Institute in Germany marks us as having completed professional training for concrete repair such as concrete spalling repair in Auckland and throughout New Zealand. This training is the only such course offered anywhere in the world.

Our staff are highly trained and carry certifications in Site Safe, Confined Space, Working at Heights, and First Aid. This commitment to professional training and certification is just one reason that we’ve earned our strong reputation in the industry. We also provide PS3 statements as needed to confirm that we completed our work in accordance with building codes.

Professional Concrete Tank Repairs in Auckland

Cracked, leaking concrete tanks and pools require professional repair. Modern-day repair solutions can be done from the inside the tank, using materials safe for potable water. Crack injection is one example. Concrete Solutions® has been performing concrete tank repairs in Auckland and throughout New Zealand since 1994. We pride ourselves on the high calibre of work we do. We use only high-quality materials from well-known companies like MC-Bauchemie, for whom we are an exclusive applicator of their concrete injection, repair, and protection systems. Whether your water tank is cracked or leaking (which implies a crack somewhere), we can diagnose and fix the problem. We can also apply preventive measures to ensure the continued structural integrity of your tank.

Concrete waterproofing in Auckland requires skilled, experienced personnel – people that know concrete like the backs of their hands. Different types of concrete require different applications, depending on factors like the surface condition and the extent of the damage. You can trust the trained professionals at Concrete Solutions® to do the job right. Our technicians have years of practice in these types of repairs. Concrete waterproofing in Auckland is also only part of what we do. We do everything in concrete repair from residential basement waterproofing to repair of concrete infrastructure.