Concrete Repair


What we can do

  • Concrete diagnosis
  • Cathodic protection
  • Protective coatings
  • High strength fast setting grouts


How we carry out concrete repair

Once the requirements of the repair and protection has been established. Our trained personal install specialised products in a professional manner.


Why choose Concrete Solutions for concrete repair

We are able to diagnose the current condition of your concrete and provide the most suitable repair and protection systems available.

Organise a technician to diagnose your problem and devise a concrete solution

Concrete Pool Repairs

Concrete Solutions® has the ability to restore existing concrete swimming pools and water storage structures including;

  • Structurally filling of sub-grade voids
  • Crack injection both rigid for structural purposes and flexible for the purpose of durability
  • Concrete repairs

All products used are suitable for potable water.

A hairline crack

Injection of reinforced concrete with cracks as small as 0.2mm is important to provide durability to the structure. Although barely visible, fine cracks can expose reinforcing steel to the elements and cause hidden damage.

Alkalinity and Contamination testing

Purple colouration indicates high Alkalinity identified by phenolphthalein. Clear colouration indicates CO2 contamination where the pH level has dropped. Small cracks may expose concrete to contamination degrading the reinforcing steel.

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