Load Bearing Ground Stabilisation

MC-Hydro Structure Gel

Structures built on sub grade material that have been subjected to movement by ground settlement, especially those structures constructed on unstable fine media, pose an engineering challenge for their stabilisation. Our solution is that most materials traditionally used for ground stabilisation have a molecular structure which restricts their penetration into fine media. MC-Injekt TS-07 has been developed using similar hydro structure technology as MC-Injekt GL-95 which has had proven success for over 20 years. The result has been a material with a water like viscosity, that is able to penetrate into voids between fine grains with a tailor made set time. The products compressive strength fulfils most geo-technical engineering requirements.


  • Stabilisation of fine media to provide load bearing capabilities


  • Viscosity 5 mPa’s
  • 14 MPa (injected into ground)
  • Reaction time of 1 to 15 minutes at 20°C
  • Ground water compatible according to German DIBt and REACh assessed.
  • Installation requires minimal small equipment