Injection Systems

Concrete Crack Injection

About Concrete Solutions

Concrete Solutions® has highly trained applicators and consultants in the field of injection technology, using only products of the highest specification available. Each situation is individually assessed and the correct product is specified for its repair. A range of products are available to meet the needs of both wet and dry conditions, and structural or non-structural requirements.

Injection Systems

Concrete Solutions® use a variety of injection repair techniques. Most existing structures are only accessible from one side; injection repair allows for efficient and effective waterproofing and repair in these cases. Epoxy and cementitious injection repair used for structural requirements in existing civil designs. Polyurethane injection repair is used in the areas of waterproofing where flexibility is required and cracks are non-structural. Acrylic gels are used to form a membrane to the exterior of a structure where access is not possible. Acrylic gels can also be used for ground stabilisation.

International Concrete Repair Training

Concrete Solutions® has undergone training at the BZB institute in Germany and is an IRPCertified Company, and as such are audited by the BZB institute to ensure a high level of quality assurance.

The BZB in conjunction with MC-Bauchemie in Germany ensure competence in the field of concrete repair using a variety of methods fit for purpose. Concrete Solutions® have qualified personnel who are specially trained in the use of MC-Bauchemie concrete repair products.