Concrete Repair

About Concrete Solutions

Concrete Solutions® can cater for your every concrete repair and protection requirement. We have extensive concrete repair experience, training and knowledge from the initial concrete diagnosis to the know-how of concrete rehabilitation, including being able to provide the necessary repair systems to deliver a quality product for our client.

High Performance Concrete Repair Systems

Concrete is the universal building material of the modern world however the requirements of concrete is constantly changing. MC-Bauchemie are leaders in the world of construction from foundation to the rehabilitation of existing structures. The high quality repair materials and systems we use from MC-Bauchemie such as Zentrifix, Nafufill, Emcekrete and MC-DUR 3500 are able to achieve durable repairs restoring load-bearing capacity of the concrete structure. These systems provide solutions for most concrete repair challenges.

International Concrete Repair Training

Concrete Solutions® has undergone training at the BZB institute in Germany and is an IRPCertified Company, and as such are audited by the BZB institute to ensure a high level of quality assurance.

The BZB in conjunction with MC-Bauchemie in Germany ensure competence in the field of concrete repair using a variety of methods fit for purpose. Concrete Solutions® have qualified personnel who are specially trained in the use of MC-Bauchemie concrete repair products.

Concrete Diagnosis

  • Compressive strength & Surface tensile strength
  • Concrete reinforcement cover
  • Non-destructive reinforcement size and placement
  • Depth of carbonation & Depth of carbonation

Concrete Repair System

Sprayable Coarse Repair Mortars

Protective Coatings for Walls and Soffits

  • Flexible and rigid for high vapour diffusion
  • Chloride protection
  • Anti-carbonation
  • Anti-graffiti

Cathodic Protection

  • Sacrificial anodes
  • Hard wired and passive cathodic protection

Pourable Coarse Repair Mortars

Duromer Repair Fast Setting and High Strength Mortars