Historic Restoration

Brick and Stone Restoration


Natural Stone Repairs

Historic buildings made from natural stone consist of many different materials with different static functions such as carrying brickwork, foundations and base brickwork. Especially damp and saline-laden supporting walls, cracks, spallings and cavities inside the brickworks are areas at risk and are most often where damage occurs. It is important to consider matched product systems and injection methods to achieve a lasting repair for years to come.

Unreinforced Masonry Repairs

Brickwork can be injected in order to fill cavities and stabilise the substrate. It is essential to use the right systems as every brickwork presents its very own scenario and requirements and must be treated accordingly. The injection materials used must be matched to the historic brickwork and the historic building substance to integrate the different chemical and physical properties. A flexible and lightweight FRP system to confine the existing substrate may also be used.


  • Dampness prevention
  • Effloressence prevention
  • Protection
  • Structural Retrofit
  • Grouting of unreinforced masonry

Securing of loose brick and stone work

The Oxal L70/H30 system offers a locking and reinforcing effect. Oxal L70/H30 is both an effective barrier against rising damp and a system for stabilising weakened joints.

Concrete Solutions® provide the innovative range of Oxal products from MC-Bauchemie. This range of products provide an all-in-one solution for brickwork restoration and protection requirements.

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