Dampness Prevention

Concrete Solutions® has successfully provided horizontal DPC sealing of walls using pressure injection, effectively protecting against rising damp.

Dampness Prevention and Restoration Systems

Damp-Proof Course (DPC) Retrofit

With Oxal HSP and Oxal HSL damp proofing systems, the inner surface of the pore space in the wall is made water-repellent. As a result, the capillary transportation of moisture in the brickwork is prevented.

System solutions for dry wall environments

System solutions for dry wall environments
Oxal DS-HS is specifically designed to resist hydrostatic pressure caused by dampness. The products mineral make up allows for vapour diffusion preventing the effect of osmosis.

Securing of loose brick and stone work

In addition to its hydrophobic properties, the special Oxal L70/H30 system offers a locking and reinforcing effect. Oxal L70/H30 is both an effective barrier against rising damp and a system for stabilising weakened joints.

For severely deteriorated masonry, particularly that of natural stone with cavities and voids. The specially formulated cement-based Oxal VP injection product strengthens the brickwork and restores structural stability.

Efflorescence Prevention

Brick, stone and concrete basement foundations are often damaged through rising damp and salts. The damage to unprotected surfaces resulting from exposure to moisture and salt is well documented and frequently encountered: Salt efflorescence, render de-bonding, joint softening and in the long-term the general deterioration of the structure. Conventional renders cannot withstand the stresses imposed by the migrating moisture and salts.
The Oxal WP quality hydrophobic render system, in combination with waterproofing techniques, provide a safe, dry and aesthetically pleasing solution to preserve the fabric of the building and create dry internal spaces. This is made possible by Oxal WP’s ability to absorb salts which are present within the existing substrate.