Unreinforced Masonry and Brickwork Repair Commercial

MC-Cement Suspension

The structural injection of URM has provided specifiers with a dilemma of which product to choose. On one hand most conventional injection reactive resins or grouts have too much compressive strength providing little or no movement, restricting the host material from movement. On the other hand low strength repair materials are generally very porous allowing contaminants and also freeze thaw cycles into the substrate causing erosion.

Concrete Solutions® approach to this situation is to inject such cracks and voids with a special cement based material from MC-Bauchemie called Centricrete MS.

It is important when selecting an injection material for masonry structures that consideration is made to the E-modulus rather than the compressive strength. The low E-modulus of Centricrete MS guarantees that the material will behave soft enough under loads, ensuring that no local stress concentrations will occur so that slight movements can be absorbed by the joints rather than by the much more rigid brick or stone. Ultra fineCentricrete UF is available with higher a compressive strength.


  • Low viscosity cement suspension
  • No change in volume during setting
  • Restores alkalinity