Leaking Basement Repair

MC-Hydro Structure Gel

MC flexible hydro structure gels have proven to be an unequalled asset to resolve waterproofing problems from flowing water ingress to saturated substrates due to ruptured or non-existent waterproof membranes. Concrete Solutions® has been able to successfully waterproof numerous leaking structures by injecting behind a structure MC hydro structure gel technology including;

Historic brick foundations
Basement concrete walls and slabs
Masonry basement walls
Polystyrene basement walls
Basement and tunnel construction joints


The supplementary exterior sealing of ground connected structures.


Extremely low viscosity of 5 mPa’s
Highly flexible
Adjustable setting times to adjust for porous ground or high water flow conditions
Fulfils AS/NZS 4020:2002 for use in contact with drinking water as well as other international standards. REACh assessed.
MC-Injekt GL-95 TX used to seal flexible construction joints