Explore FRP Systems and Efficient Installation Solutions in Auckland for Concrete Reinforcement

Reinforcement for concrete is not new technology, but solutions continue to improve and develop to provide better ways of accomplishing that goal. Concerns about unsupported masonry or an older concrete structure can develop over time, especially if obvious distress such as spalling or cracking occurs. Quick remediation is essential to providing confidence and the ability to withstand stresses and or even potential seismic shocks. Fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) provide an option that is versatile, cost effective, and provides excellent long-term durability. At Concrete Solutions®, we have spent more than 20 years developing skills and hands-on experience — traits that now uniquely equip us to provide FRP solutions to Auckland.

We make an extensive effort to demonstrate to our clients that we can handle even the most technically challenging projects. We receive an annual audit from CodeMark to guarantee that we provide FRP installation in Auckland that is up to code and meets every applicable standard. When the strength of your structure is on the line, we know how important it is to employ only the best strategies and materials. That it also why we only work with Fyfe Tyfo Fibrewrap FRP. What are the advantages of using these products to reinforce a problem area?

A leader in FRP solutions for Auckland

A primary advantage to FRP is its ease of installation. Most commonly deployed in the form of a wrap bonded to the weakened area, these wraps are incredibly lightweight. With an impressive strength to weight ratio, Tyfo® Fibrwrap® affords the maximum amount of additional strength and ductility without adding an excessive amount of dead weight to the structure. These systems are effective for a broad range of applications. The development of the Fibrwrap® anchor system extends the versatility of these products into even more areas.

FRP solutions are also versatile enough to allow for installation on a variety of surfaces. Whether providing strength to a column or a slab, there is no place we cannot install these products. With extensive use in civil infrastructure projects, there is a rich history of successful projects employing these systems. With a certified and annually audited applicator such as Concrete Solution, you can trust in the results. We coordinate closely with the demands of the job to develop and implement the correct FRP setup.

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The benefits that FRP systems bring to Auckland industry are clear, but we are always happy to discuss these options in further detail with any potential client. As an IRP Qualified Company and a CodeMark Certificate of Conformity holder, Concrete Solutions® brings a qualified understanding of the various solutions necessary to remedy reinforcement issues. Enjoy a peace of mind in knowing that you have a qualified, dependable provider on site. If you have identified FRP installation as the most viable option for the problems you face, discover more about Tyfo® Fibrwrap® and its benefits today. Click here to go to our contact page now.