Concrete Solutions® Delivers Robust Tailored FRP Systems and Complete Installation Support to the Wellington Area

If there were “one size fits all” solutions to every problem scenario in industry, every project could proceed smoothly, and maintenance would seldom be a major concern. In reality, there are never two projects which are exactly alike. Conditions and challenges vary with location, making it difficult to know the best way to proceed when faced with an unforeseen situation. For example, when a concrete structure begins to show signs of degradation or a weakening ability to withstand stress, deploying solutions swiftly is crucial.

Today, one of the most effective options for reinforcing existing structures is FRP, or fibre reinforced polymers. It yields many advantages, from adding strength to being lightweight and easy to install. For those seeking information on FRP installation in Wellington, consider the experience and well-developed knowledge of the industry found at Concrete Solutions®.

A leader in New Zealand concrete repair and reinforcement since 1994, we can provide an extensive range of services and solutions to align with your goals. As the only provider and applicator of Tyfo Fibrwrap FRP systems in Wellington, we are uniquely positioned to aid your business in making the necessary repairs. FRP systems can also add excellent seismic strengthening to important structures. Consider how the process works.

FRP installation in Wellington to suit any conditions

Upon identifying a potential need for FRP systems, we will facilitate important work throughout the preparatory design stages. By interfacing with our counterpart engineers at Fyfe, we can come back to you with a tentative design at no cost to your business. Should you decide to proceed with the project, we will investigate the best Fibrwrap products to use in your new structural systems. These products have all undergone extensive certification and testing and feature a proven ability to add flexural and shear strength after application.

With everything in place, we can begin the installation process. Our teams work safely, quickly, and with an eye towards quality craftsmanship throughout the project. At the completion of installation, we take an additional step: quality assurance. We ensure that all work meets our high standards and that we’ve met all the agreed upon goals. Upon verification of a successful project, you can enjoy knowing that there is little left to worry about; with FRP systems in place, buildings can stand the test of time.

Move towards a new partnership today

The team at Concrete Solutions® is ready to help guide your business through the process of deploying adequate FRP solutions for your Wellington locations. With leading product lines on our side and access to some of the most well-developed procedures in the industry, we are ready to step in and partner with you to re-strengthen crucial sites and structures no matter the location. Let us begin by discussing your concerns and arranging to perform an on-site diagnosis of the problem. From there we can proceed through the planning and implementation stages together. To learn more, call our offices on 0800 275 669.