Epoxy Concrete Crack Injection


Barnes Road, Redwood, Christchurch

Concrete Solutions® are currently undertaking structural epoxy crack injection using MC- Injekt 1264 Compact, to Barnes Road, Christchurch. The structure is of tilt slab construction, with panel heights in excess of 12 metres and an estimated cracking total of over 800 lineal metres for repair. MC-Injekt 1264 Compact is being used for this project as cracking to the tilt panels is greater than 0.2mm. Cracking of this size allows the resin to be injected so the cracks are filled in their entirety. This provides a structural repair while increasing durability of the structure. As MC-Injekt 1264 Compact is moisture compatible, it is ideal for external cracking where water ingress has occurred, as water has no effect to the properties of the resin.

Further works will be carried out during this project which include; sealant to panel joints, low pressure crack impregnation to concrete floor areas as well as industrial floor coatings.

Client: Cook Brothers

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