From Concrete Waterproofing to Concrete Spalling and Tank Repairs, Concrete Solutions® Can Help

Is the concrete in your basement starting to peel or flake? Are you dealing with a concrete septic tank that is starting to fail and leak? Alternatively, are you looking for a way to protect a concrete works project against future water ingress and subsequent repairs?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then Concrete Solutions® may be able to help you. With three locations throughout New Zealand and a service radius that spans the entire country, we can offer concrete spalling repairs, concrete tank repairs, concrete waterproofing and other concrete repair and maintenance services.

What We Do

Concrete Solutions® has been offering concrete repairs, restorations, maintenance and other services since 1994. We are internationally certified BZB Germany and go through biannual audits to prove that our services are up to par. If you have a concrete issue and need a professional who can consult on the matter, you can put your faith in our team. From residential projects to commercial, industrial and civil work, there is no concrete matter that we aren’t equipped to handle.

One issue we often deal with is what is called concrete spalling repair. Concrete spalling is the term used to describe what happens when water gets into the concrete and causes the surface to pop out and start to flake or peel. Spalling is especially common in areas where moisture is prevalent, which means you can generally expect to see it underground. Foundations, basements, tunnels and underground tanks are among the concrete works that most often develop visible spalling problems. Concrete spalling can also occur with driveways or sidewalks, though—especially if the weather changed dramatically while the concrete was hardening and interrupted the curing process.

In most cases, concrete spalling repairs don’t necessitate complete removal and replacement of the concrete. Since spalling tends to affect only the outer layer of the concrete, we can usually just remove the outer layer and replace it with a new layer of concrete. Our goal with concrete spalling repairs—be they driveway fixes, basement overhauls or concrete tank repairs—is to ensure the strength and integrity of the structure.

One way we can help ensure ongoing structural integrity is through concrete waterproofing. Since moisture causes concrete spalling, concrete waterproofing can help prevent the issue from taking root. A quality waterproofing job can also seal concrete against high-pressure water ingress, which is particularly vital for civil structures like tunnels, foundation pits and dams. Concrete Solutions® can provide the kind of reliable waterproofing necessary for these high-profile structures.

Learn More about Our Concrete Spalling Repair, Concrete Tank Repair and Concrete Waterproofing

As you can see, Concrete Solutions® is capable of taking on a varied workload. The uniting factor of what we do, obviously, is concrete. If the job involves concrete work, we can handle it. To learn more about our services—including concrete spalling repair, concrete tank repair, concrete waterproofing, and other types of concrete servicing—just give us a call. You can reach our offices by dialling 0800 275 669.