Repair Cracks in Your Home’s Foundation with Concrete Crack Repair and Injection from Concrete Solutions®

Fewer things instil a homeowner with more dread than noticing a crack in their home’s foundation. A foundational crack, if allowed to grow over time, can entirely undermine the structural integrity of a home. This structural failure, in turn, can lead to extremely costly repairs—leaving you with a home that’s hard to fix and virtually impossible to sell.

Why Concrete Repair Is Important for Your Foundation

The good news is that concrete repair is possible for cracked foundations—especially if the crack is still relatively minor. Said another way, if you notice a crack in your home’s foundation, get in touch with a company that does concrete crack repair. Cracked concrete is not a problem that will go away if you decide to ignore it.

On the contrary, concrete is continually expanding, shrinking, and moving by small amounts. When the weather gets hot, concrete expands. When the weather gets cold, concrete contracts. Over time, these fluctuations can lead to minor cracks in even the strongest concrete. Similarly, concrete fluctuations will always turn small cracks into major cracks without a quality concrete repair service to patch the crack and prevent further separation.

Who to Trust for Cracked Concrete Repair in New Zealand

If you are looking for a company that can focus on cracked concrete repair in New Zealand, look no further than Concrete Solutions®. Since 1994, we have been working in concrete repair and strengthening. This work has spanned all sectors—including residential, commercial, and industrial. If there is a crack in your foundation, we can carry out a quality repair to protect the structural integrity of your dwelling and prevent further cracking in the future.

How do we carry out concrete repair? The answer to that question will depend on the condition of your foundation, among several other features. No two projects are quite identical, so we always approach each job individually and customise the solution that is best-suited to the issue at hand.

Usually, we use concrete crack injections, shooting high-quality grouts, mortars or flexible polyurethanes into the crack to close the gap. This strategy works to knit the two pieces of concrete back together and prevents moisture from getting into the crack and pushing it further apart. We can also provide protective coatings to your concrete to strengthen it and (hopefully) prevent new cracks from forming in the future.

A crack in your foundation is a serious issue worthy of immediate attention. However, with the help of Concrete Solutions® and our concrete crack injection techniques, you don’t have to dread foundation cracks quite as much as you may have in the past. With a concrete repair certification from BZB Germany (registration number 005-2016), you can count on us to provide the kind of high quality concrete crack repair you need to protect your home.

To learn more about Concrete Solutions®, our BZB Germany certification, or our concrete crack injection techniques, give us a call on 0800 275 669.