For Efficient Concrete Repair in Wellington Through Crack Injection, Choose Concrete Solutions®

Concrete has been a critical building material since ancient times. Over the millennia, though concrete recipes and building techniques have changed, the same enemies remain. Moisture, minerals, and other threats can cause damage to concrete over time, even after careful preparation during its installation. Many factors can combine to create extensive cracking, which in turn allows more moisture to penetrate the structure. Whether contending with an issue in a residential basement or a widespread problem in a commercial structure, concrete crack repair can put Wellington buildings back to rights. At Concrete Solutions®, we provide exceptionally qualified and experienced repair services to address these problems.

With training and accreditation from the BZB Institute in Germany, Concrete Solutions® provide cutting-edge services in concrete crack injection around Wellington. Our abilities were even trusted enough to allow us to conduct work on heritage buildings. Our team takes care to carefully inspect the damaged areas to provide our clients with the most straightforward and practical solutions possible. Are you tired of living with a leaking basement with moisture creeping through every crack in the concrete? Our goal is to provide you with repairs that involve as little disruption to your home as possible.

Understanding your needs for concrete repair in Wellington

Over time, concrete and masonry can develop a host of problems that lead to its degradation. Even if cracks do not allow moisture to seep in now, there is a high chance it will in the future. We can conduct a thorough analysis of the site to determine if crack injection is the best method for concrete repair in your situation. We will then devise a custom solution, made from a combination of techniques and products, which will provide the ideal outcome.

The injection process itself is simple in nature. After inserting the repair hardware into the crack and covering it with a sealer, we inject a polyurethane compound into the porous material of the concrete. This compound fills the space to a set depth and eventually fills the crack itself. To finish, our crews will chip away the sealer, leaving behind a repaired crack that will no longer allow moisture to enter. Our years of work in the industry have equipped us to handle injection repair jobs from the small to the very large.

Discuss the scope of your needs with our team

To deliver the most effective concrete repair in Wellington, Concrete Solutions® relies on injection systems and products by MC-Bauchemie. These advanced products equip our crews with everything necessary to repair cracks and prevent damages from reoccurring for years to come. Allow us to provide you with comfort in the durability of your home. From crack injection procedures in your basement to improving integrity elsewhere, we have the necessary skills and knowledge for even the most challenging or complex tasks. Find out more about the repair services we can offer in residential areas by calling us on 0800 275 669.