Concrete Crack Injection and Repair in Auckland

Nearly every building in New Zealand has at least some concrete. As concrete ages, it can crack and create structural support problems. Concrete Solutions® has decades of experience fixing and rehabilitating all types of concrete breakdown. Since 1994 we’ve done nothing but concrete repair in Auckland and throughout New Zealand. We are an authority on concrete repairs and strengthening, and we’re happy to share our knowledge and experience with homeowners, commercial building owners, and infrastructure managers. We provide high quality service using top of the line materials. We take great pride in our workmanship.

Concrete Solutions® is also proud to be certified by BZB Germany as well-trained in techniques to perform concrete crack injection in Auckland. Our professional concrete repair technicians have attended IPR (Injection, Projection, and Repair) training through BZB, and we are audited bi-annually to ensure compliance. You can’t achieve this certification easily – it requires not only properly trained individual technicians, but also the use of appropriate equipment, and proof that work is executed according to certification guidelines. BZB Germany is the world leader in concrete repair training and sees applicants from all over the world.

What Causes a Structure to Need Concrete Crack Repair in Auckland

Concrete slabs and blocks can develop cracks for a multitude of reasons. It’s important to know that almost all concrete cracks at some point, even when new. Usually, these cracks are insignificant and do not cause problems. Over time, however, they can widen and become large enough to let water through and impact structural integrity. The basic explanation is that concrete cracks when the force within the concrete to separate is greater than the strength of the concrete to hold together. What causes this to happen is a bit more complex. Newly poured concrete may cure at different rates, causing one section to shrink slightly faster than another. Another issue can be that over time, water enters the small capillaries in the concrete, and if the temperature is low enough, it freezes, which expands the capillaries. Repeated over the years, this cycle can lead to the development of cracks. Other causes can include ground movement and water-saturated soil freezing and pushing against the foundation. Concrete Solutions® can assess your building’s concrete and provide appropriate concrete crack repair in Auckland.

Our first step is to assess the cracks to determine how best to correct them. Concrete Solutions® uses specialised materials for concrete repairs in Auckland, such as those from world-renowned MC-Bauchemie: Zentrifix, Nafufill, Emcekrete and MC-DUR 3500. With proper application, these materials will not only repair the crack but improve the concrete’s structural integrity and durability. We also perform a full list of other concrete repair and strengthening services, including repair of concrete tanks, concrete waterproofing, and FRP application. From wastewater treatment plant tanks to bridge jointing, Concrete Solutions® has solutions. We even provide services for historic restoration projects. With three New Zealand branches in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington, and an office in Sydney, Concrete Solutions® is ready to service your concrete repair needs.